Monday, October 21, 2013

My homemade Pretty Woman costume

I have wanted to put the Vivian 
from Pretty Woman costume together 
for at least 10 years. 
 It's my favorite movie. 

Well, I finally did it and loved it.

I made the dress from a mini skirt that
 I got on eBay and a plain white tank top from Walmart.  The hoop connecting them is a shower
curtain ring.  I cut the shirt like I thought it should look, then I sewed the hoop into it.  I cut a notch in the top of the skirt and put the ring through it.
The shower ring worked perfect because I 
can take the pieces back apart and wash them easily.

The jacket came from the Goodwill for $5.99.  I bought 2 but liked this one better.  

I love dressing up, so I have had the boots for about 5 or 6 years.  They worked great.  
The wig and hat I got on eBay.  
I just looked at a bunch of pictures 
of Julia Roberts as Vivian 
in the movie and tried to copy best I could.

Here it is without the jacket. 

 I guess the necklaces
were one of the hardest things. 
 I made all of them from string and chains.  
There were not alot of close up pics to
show what they really looked like.  I made the 
little black stick object from pipe cleaners.
  Not sure what it was even supposed to be...a stick man or a bird's foot?  
Anyway, it looked kinda like what she wore. 

She wore several black and silver bracelets.
There is a photo or 2 online that show
 them pretty good.   I wore 5 that looked similar 
to what she had on.

We went to a Halloween party, 
and the outfit was a hit.  
I was hoping people would realize who I was.  They did.  :)
 I won the overall best costume prize.  
The 5" heels about made me break my neck a couple of times
by the end of the night but...
it was much much fun!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Nature's colors for fashion inspiration

I took this sky photo a few days ago as the sun was going down at home.  
The clouds were just so amazing. 
After looking at it, I realized it made a good inspiration photo for my next outfit.

I'm really loving my white skinny jeans lately.  They are super comfy, and I love the crisp clean look of white.  

I paired them here with a pale blue oxford, black shoes and black belt.  It would have also looked good with brown, but I just got these shoes at a yard sale and was really wanting to wear them.  I wore silver jewelry.

Here is an inspiration photo that I found on Pinterest for another few accessories that could be considered.  

The old saying used to be that you
shouldn't wear white after Labor Day. 
 I don't follow this rule. I will wear it all winter.

Whatever you wear, wear it with a smile!  :)