Monday, February 28, 2011

I like them boots. :)

As a woman who loves clothes, I love getting a compliment on a piece of my wardrobe.  Saturday night, I wore my new Jessica Simpson boots that I bought from Kelly.  The heel was taller than she wanted and although they are quite steep, I was able to trot around in them pretty good.  I had several female inquiries and compliments on them, which I enjoy because it makes me feel like I put together a cool outfit.  I finally got the picture of my boots to load.  I wore them with tight skinny jeans and a white tank top with a navy jacket over it.  I love to feel comfortable in an outfit, and this one was very easy going.

It is Monday and the temperature has dropped today from 69 this morning to about 40 and windy.  Yuck.  Anyway, we are one day closer to spring.  I do so much better with my exercising and doing chores when it is warm.  I got a really good workout yesterday because I was able to walk around outside, which is so much nicer than being cooped up in the garage riding a bike.   

So my sister, Selina is turning 50 next week.  I am doing my best to get a weekend away to make it over to celebrate with her and make sure she brings in 50 the right way!  We really enjoy hanging with them.  We may go to the horse races, which sounds like a blast!

Just 2 more hours in this work Monday, I think I will make it!  Ready to have a quiet time a home.  More blab soon.  :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stormy Sunday.

Well, Sunday is here!  I have had my coffee and french toast this morning.  I am trying to drag myself off the warm couch to go walking.  The temp is 57, so it will be a good time to walk before the rain gets here later in the day.  The storms are supposed to get here about ten o'clock and last til about one.  That is going to make for a crappy night of sleep.  Hopefully they won't be as bad as expected. 

So here is what I will be grilling later, rain or shine.  I will be having salmon, and Eric has some New York strips.  Can't wait.  
It has been a really warm the sixties and feels very clammy.  Feels like it could storm tonight.  I sure hope it doesn't but it looks like we are in for a night of interrupted sleep. 

Eat well and I will see you on Monday!  :)

Ahhh, Saturday.

I have to admit, I would like Saturdays a lot more if I did not have to work, but all in all, Saturdays are not too bad.  I do get to go to work 30 minutes later and I get off at 2:00 instead of 4:30, so that helps a lot.  Admittedly though, Sunday is my favorite day, because there is nothing I HAVE to do.  I get up when I want to, which is usually still early because I want to enjoy the day, but I do not HAVE to.  I exercise and clean the house usually, but I do not HAVE to.  I may go to the Goodwill shop a little, but I do not HAVE to.  I almost always have a beer and cook a huge meal on Sunday, but you guessed it, I do not HAVE to.  This is why I LOVE Sundays.  :)  I hope everyone gets this kind of day at least once a week.  Most people have Saturday AND Sunday, but I'm actually pretty happy with my one day.  I think I enjoy it that much more since it is my only one.

I went to Ponder, my niece's birthday party last night.  There is nothing more chaotic than twenty twelve year olds running around with their shoes off, bouncing off the walls and everything else in a large auditorium.  Pretty entertaining I must say, but I was glad to be able to leave after an hour and a half.  The party was supposed to last 3 hours...the last one they had, I was told, they stayed up all night bouncing off the walls.  I could tell I am getting older.  I would have crashed for sure.  I was a super fun party though, they were having a BLAST. 

Didn't get this posted until Sunday, but I am posting it anyway.  :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Grilling before the storm.

Good Friday morning!  Well, we dodged the storms last night.  Spent a little time in the storm house because the sirens went off a couple of times.  All we got was a lot of rain.  I would estimate we probably got 4-5 inches in the last 2 days.  We needed it, but our yard is so nasty now.  Despite the incoming storms, I was able to grill because they took longer to get here than I initially thought.  They were predicting around 5:00 or 6:00, but it was more like 7:30, so I grilled salmon and steak.  Eric's ribeye was a nice juicy cut. 

Here is the pic of the steak.  I buttered and grilled a Hawaiian bun to go along with the steak.  It was cooked medium plus to Eric's liking. 

I usually have trouble getting pretty grill marks, but this one worked out fairly well. 

I had grilled salmon and sauteed green beans, one of my all time favorite meals.  It is very healthy, and my tastebuds love it. 

I topped the salmon with dill and pancake syrup.  I grill it with the skin side up at first and when it seems about half way cooked, I flip the skin side down and finish it.  It never sticks or falls apart this way and tastes amazing.

I am glad the weekend is here!  It looks to be a little warmer, but they are calling for more storms on Sunday.  :(  I am going to enjoy every minute of it, storms or not!   Later...and remember to eat what you love! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Storms are coming!

Well, it's a Thursday.  Not too bad, but we are supposed to have severe weather this evening, which I do not like at all.  They are predicting possible tornadoes and hail, neither of which I like.  Of course the storms always seem to wait until it gets dark here, so we really never know what is coming, and it makes for a dark run to the storm house.  Hopefully they will miss us.

Last night the hubs and I went to Applebee's and ate.  He got the ribs, and I got a fried chicken salad.  All in all it was pretty yum.  The waiter was a little slow, but that seems to be the norm there.  The food came faster than usual which was nice.  Afterwards we went to Java Cafe where I got a large skinny caramel macchiato and a warm chocolate chip cookie.  Heaven.  Went Krogering and got a slew of groceries.  Then stopped by mom and dad's to give mom her five buckets of ice cream.  I always watch for her fave ice cream to go on sale, and I buy her a bunch.  Five was all they had, so I will go back for more later.  The sale lasts all week.  :)

This is my picture for the day.  I love wearing a crisp white shirt with a tie and a vest like this.  I sometimes look like the waiters and the restaurant, but I still love the look.  I had black pants and knee boots on with this top.  This has to be one of my favorite looks over the years.  I think it just looks very put together.  This picture was at Lupo's Italian Restaurant in Dyersburg.   If we eat in Dyersburg, it is usually my first choice.  I love their salmon oregeratto, which is a panko crusted salmon filet over a bed of creamy tomato rissoto.  It is heavy in calories but very delicious!

Well, gonna get to work and watch it rain.  Until next time...always make a happy plate!  :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Healthy veggie cooking!

Good morning!  Well, it's a Wednesday, cold and possibly rainy soon.  But, better than Monday or Tuesday!  I have realized that this blog is basically just a diary that will allow me to talk about my day, but that is okay because I won't have to worry about anyone reading it.  It is just a way for me to look back and see what I was doing in the past.  :)

I already keep up with the foods I eat on  I have been doing that for about 4 or 5 years now.  It keeps up with the foods you enter each day and generates all kinds of reports based on what you eat.  I can go back 3 years ago and see what I ate on February 23rd of that year.  Pretty cool.  I have seen times where certain vitamins were lacking in my diet and adjusted it accordingly.  The worst time was about a year ago when I went on a strict diet/exercise routine.  I lost weight but really was too thin and my diet was lacking, especially in iron.  I did not know at the time, but it eventually led to my hair thinning, which has finally started to catch back up in growth.  I know now to watch my iron because I was borderline anemic, not good. 

Speaking of food, here is a picture of what I would eat if I were wanting to lose a few pounds.  There are a few veggies that you can eat an abundance of if you love to eat like I do.  I need big quantities of food with little calories to feel satiated.   A few of these are brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, butternut squash, green beans and asparagus.  I purchase these quite often and frozen seem to be just as good as fresh, with a much longer storage time and less money.  I treat them all very similar when cooking them.  I sometimes roast them, which gives them a wonderful flavor, but generally, I am in a hurry because I am always hungry, so I use the stove top and a skillet.  I use cooking spray to avoid the extra calories that oils add.   I mix a cube or two of chicken bullion with a cup of hot water and let it dissolve, this is easier than keeping chicken broth around because you can keep it in the cabinet and use as little or as much as you need.  Just spray the skillet with cooking spray, add the veggies and the broth mixture and cook on high heat, tossing often.  Add water if necessary to keep the veggies moist until they appear to be done.   I then let the water cook out and spray the veggies with a little more cooking spray and give them a good sprinkling of Cavendar's Greek Seasoning.  This seasoning is wonderful on veggies and meats of any kind.  Continue cooking to get out some of the moisture and possibly brown them a little.  This last step has to be monitored closely or they will burn, but if you can cook them on a pretty high heat, they will brown, which seems to add flavor.  This entire process may take some getting used to and is hard to describe, but I think I covered the basics of how I do it.  The more you cook each vegetable, the more you will learn about how much broth you will need and how long they will need to cook. 

Well, that was a long descriptive process, hopefully I will get better at describing how I cook.  I am not good at writing my recipes down or explaining them, since I experiment so much, there is hardly ever an actual recipe.  :) 

Until next it all.  :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It got cold again. :(

Well, it's a Tuesday.  And it got cold again.  The low was back into the 30's last night, which really makes me miss the 74 degrees we had on Sunday.  On the bright side, spring is just around the corner.  Today's picture is of cloudman.  He is a little guy I drew a few years ago on my computer, and he makes me smile just by looking at him.  It had been awhile since I saw him, so this morning, he brightened my day.  I hope he makes you smile.  :)

He really is a cute little guy.  I don't have to feed him or anything.  He just stands there all day, wanting to make me smile. 

I got a $25 gift cerftificate to Applebee's yesterday from a friend.  That made me smile too.  Now I have an excuse to not cook one night and go to Applebee's.  We also have to go to Lowe's very soon to get a new faucet for the bathroom.  Darn thing started leaking, and it appears that we have to replace the whole assembly.  So it looks like an AppleLowesbees night is in the near future. 

Well, it is morning time, and I have had my coffee and muffins.  Time to get to work, the parts are not going to put themselves on the shelves.  I know this for a fact...been waiting on them to do it for 23 years.  

Until next time. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

My first blog post!

I am starting this blog to satisfy a craving I have for writing about my everyday happenings.  I have been doing the Facebook thing and thought this would allow me to entertain myself and have a new experience.  I came up with the name, "Food, Fashion and Spark Plugs", because food and fashion are two of my hobbies and running an auto parts store is what I do for a living.  I have a few blogs that I like to read, and I am constantly looking for those which catch my attention with similar interests. 

Today as my first post, I am including a picture of a recent outfit that I put together that I think exhibits a casual yet stylish feel.

 I am wearing skinny stretch jeans by American Eagle.  Stretch denim is my favorite clothing invention ever.  Jeans without stretch are just so binding and uncomfortable.  The boots came from Rue 21 and are completely wonderful.  They are so comfortable and perfect with jeans.  I am wearing beige leg warmers underneath to accentuate the top of the boot.  The cream top is also from Rue 21.  It has nice flowy layers with alternating satin/flat textures.  I am going to try to get a better picture next time, this was just a quick photo and not a very good one.   The navy jacket came from TJ Maxx and is nicely tailored.  The necklace, which came from a yard sale, is made of 3 super long strands that I tied in a knot.  The belt matches the boots perfectly and came with a pair of pants I bought at Rue 21. 

I never know what food or fashion idea may pop in my head.  I probably will not have many posts dealing with spark plugs/auto parts, but you never know.  I get inspiration from looking at photos, blogs and from my everyday life.  Well, I guess that is it for my first post.  It may be my only post but hopefully not.  :)