I like them boots. :)

As a woman who loves clothes, I love getting a compliment on a piece of my wardrobe.  Saturday night, I wore my new Jessica Simpson boots that I bought from Kelly.  The heel was taller than she wanted and although they are quite steep, I was able to trot around in them pretty good.  I had several female inquiries and compliments on them, which I enjoy because it makes me feel like I put together a cool outfit.  I finally got the picture of my boots to load.  I wore them with tight skinny jeans and a white tank top with a navy jacket over it.  I love to feel comfortable in an outfit, and this one was very easy going.

It is Monday and the temperature has dropped today from 69 this morning to about 40 and windy.  Yuck.  Anyway, we are one day closer to spring.  I do so much better with my exercising and doing chores when it is warm.  I got a really good workout yesterday because I was able to walk around outside, which is so much nicer than being cooped up in the garage riding a bike.   

So my sister, Selina is turning 50 next week.  I am doing my best to get a weekend away to make it over to celebrate with her and make sure she brings in 50 the right way!  We really enjoy hanging with them.  We may go to the horse races, which sounds like a blast!

Just 2 more hours in this work Monday, I think I will make it!  Ready to have a quiet time a home.  More blab soon.  :)


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