Ahhh, Saturday.

I have to admit, I would like Saturdays a lot more if I did not have to work, but all in all, Saturdays are not too bad.  I do get to go to work 30 minutes later and I get off at 2:00 instead of 4:30, so that helps a lot.  Admittedly though, Sunday is my favorite day, because there is nothing I HAVE to do.  I get up when I want to, which is usually still early because I want to enjoy the day, but I do not HAVE to.  I exercise and clean the house usually, but I do not HAVE to.  I may go to the Goodwill shop a little, but I do not HAVE to.  I almost always have a beer and cook a huge meal on Sunday, but you guessed it, I do not HAVE to.  This is why I LOVE Sundays.  :)  I hope everyone gets this kind of day at least once a week.  Most people have Saturday AND Sunday, but I'm actually pretty happy with my one day.  I think I enjoy it that much more since it is my only one.

I went to Ponder, my niece's birthday party last night.  There is nothing more chaotic than twenty twelve year olds running around with their shoes off, bouncing off the walls and everything else in a large auditorium.  Pretty entertaining I must say, but I was glad to be able to leave after an hour and a half.  The party was supposed to last 3 hours...the last one they had, I was told, they stayed up all night bouncing off the walls.  I could tell I am getting older.  I would have crashed for sure.  I was a super fun party though, they were having a BLAST. 

Didn't get this posted until Sunday, but I am posting it anyway.  :)


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