My first blog post!

I am starting this blog to satisfy a craving I have for writing about my everyday happenings.  I have been doing the Facebook thing and thought this would allow me to entertain myself and have a new experience.  I came up with the name, "Food, Fashion and Spark Plugs", because food and fashion are two of my hobbies and running an auto parts store is what I do for a living.  I have a few blogs that I like to read, and I am constantly looking for those which catch my attention with similar interests. 

Today as my first post, I am including a picture of a recent outfit that I put together that I think exhibits a casual yet stylish feel.

 I am wearing skinny stretch jeans by American Eagle.  Stretch denim is my favorite clothing invention ever.  Jeans without stretch are just so binding and uncomfortable.  The boots came from Rue 21 and are completely wonderful.  They are so comfortable and perfect with jeans.  I am wearing beige leg warmers underneath to accentuate the top of the boot.  The cream top is also from Rue 21.  It has nice flowy layers with alternating satin/flat textures.  I am going to try to get a better picture next time, this was just a quick photo and not a very good one.   The navy jacket came from TJ Maxx and is nicely tailored.  The necklace, which came from a yard sale, is made of 3 super long strands that I tied in a knot.  The belt matches the boots perfectly and came with a pair of pants I bought at Rue 21. 

I never know what food or fashion idea may pop in my head.  I probably will not have many posts dealing with spark plugs/auto parts, but you never know.  I get inspiration from looking at photos, blogs and from my everyday life.  Well, I guess that is it for my first post.  It may be my only post but hopefully not.  :)


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