My new obsession will be...grilled celery. Yep.

I had a friend mention grilling celery to me the other day.  Grill?  Celery?   To be honest, I just never thought it would taste right.   Well, it did.  

I actually didn't even like celery until a few years ago. I thought it tasted like dirt.  Finally I tried it with ranch dressing, and I guess the stars were aligned just right because now, I love celery.  It is strange to me how a food can grow on you and go from a disliked food to a loved food.  Ever had that happen?  One food I know will never make that change for me is HOMINYBLECH!   I will leave the hominy for someone else to love. 

As an added bonus, celery is super easy to prepare and grill.  First, I cut both ends and washed the stalks well.  I sprinkled the stalks with Cavendar's Greek Seasoning and Private Selection California Roasted Garlic Powder from Kroger.  I think the spice selection may be key here.  You can toss them with a little olive oil, or I actually just used olive oil spray and gave them a light coat.   Grill them over medium heat until they get kinda flimsy.  I would say I cooked them about 15 minutes total.  Flipping occasionally.  I made salmon with them, and looooved the whole meal. 

One note, celery can be pretty stringy, and I have heard some people actually pull the strings off their celery.  I cut mine into pieces after grilling and didn't even notice the stringy-ness. 

Love what you eat and eat what you love.   This photo makes me drool so bad.  :)'


  1. I have a bunch of organic celery and thought; ...grilled.... You have confirmed my suspicion that this will be great.
    Firen' up the grill w/ Cabernet in hand.


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