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Honeybun Cake...quite possibly the best cake I ever made:)

Happy New Year!
Now eat some cake so I don't eat it all. :)

I hope you and yours had the most  wonderful holiday season ever! I have to say, mine was pretty freaking awesome!
I love Christmas and New Years being on an Monday because I get Sunday and Monday off, 2 DAYS in a ROW which is RARE for this chick!
It was awesome, until this morning,  when the  wind chill was -8,  and I had to come back to work.   Not a happy camper.  -8, seriously is not my weather.  I wanted to turn on the heated blanket and hibernate 'til spring...but nooooo...gotta pay the bills, so I can heat that heated blanket.  
Anyway, after surviving the holidays, I finally  decided I need to get this cake onto my blog.  I made 5 of these over the holidays.   And they were all eaten.   Every bite. Of course, some of that may have been  because I love it with coffee,  and I got a  NESPRESSO  coffee maker  for Christmas, but  still...every bite.  :)
The Nespresso Vertuoline,  by the way, if you love  froo froo coffee,  is the bomb! I got mine…

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