My new pellet grill review and tips

My favorite cooking device is my GRILL.
There is just something about 
sweating (and sometimes freezing)
your booty off while watching
your food sizzle its way to Flavorville 
that makes it more fun.

*All of the food in all of the pics on this page were made on my pellet grill*

The gas grill has been my grill of choice 
ever since I started grilling, which was 20+ 
years ago.  When I first moved out, 
I admittedly was not the best cook. 
Over the years, I have learned from 
others and read 100's of recipes, and 
now I can cook pretty decent.  
We all have the occasional flop. :)

Steak is probably the one thing that
I got the best at grilling.  
I learned when to flip to get that 
medium to medium-well juiciness 
and flavor.
 I love veggies and chicken and fish and
many other things on the gas grill, but 
it is harder to cook because of the flipping 
required to cook both sides evenly.
It is not as easy to 
flip a flaky filet of fish...
(say that 5 times fast).  :)

Enter the pellet grill...
 picture an aura above it like the 
heavens are shining down...ahhhh...
 well maybe not that much, but it really is
pretty dang neat.  It is like a smoker and
oven and grill all in one. 

So far, I have smoked butts, grilled chicken, 
roasted corn, potatoes and broccoli, made burgers and hot dogs...and
made a pan of chicken parmesan casserole...yep!
Although I did make a frozen pizza on there, 
 I burned the bottom...I gotta look into
that one.  ha:)

I have picked up a few pointers from
friends about the pellet grill.  I have yet to cook 
bacon on mine, but have been told to
look into a Frogmat or similar.  It is a mat
that looks kind of like a screen door that
you use to cook bacon or veggies on instead
of using a baking pan.  It lets the grease
drip through and makes the bacon 
crispy-fied.  :)  Also I was told to cook it
around 250-275 for about 40-45 minutes 
instead of at a high temperature like
I originally thought.
I am looking forward to future bacon.

More pointers I was given...

Make sure the pellets do
not get wet inside the grill, or they will
pretty much turn into concrete and 
not be fun to get out of there. 

Clean the pellet burn pot out at least after
every other grilling.  This is where the 
pellets fall into and burn.  There is a 
little ignitor that sticks out in the pot 
and makes them burn.  If you don't
vacuum them out or at least scoop them
out (which is what I did so far) they can 
build up a good pile of ashes and 
might cause a fire.

Keep your pellet feeder pretty full at
all times.  I did run out while cooking,
and it is quite a pain in the ass to
remove the food and make sure you 
get the grill lit back correctly.  
So...just don't let your pellets run out.  :)

If you set the temp at 250 for example, 
the grill tends to stay between
240 and 270 for the most part.  
If you are debating on a temperature,
I would stick with the lower temp
and cook a little longer.  The 
food will get more smoke and 
will not as likely burn.  I gotta say
most food does not have the propensity
to burn on the pellet grill...well aside
from frozen pizza I guess.  

My biggest concern is
probably just that...what 
  The main thing is 
to think of the temperature that 
you would use in your oven to cook a
similar food.  And also keep in mind that
the grill heat is much closer
than the heat in the bottom of the oven...
this is why I burned my pizza bottom. 
We live and learn from our mistakes.
May your grilling experiences be
all good and not burnt.

If you have any pointers, PLEASE 
share them with me in a message 
or on Facebook 
or however! 

As far as brands of pellet grills...
I purchased mine on a spur of the moment...
"I want it today!"
kind of moments.  haha.
It is a Pitboss from Walmart.  
$396 at the time. 
My boyfriend's dad does have a 
Traeger, which is a little more expensive,
but after reading the reviews they are
really close to the same, and I don't think
I would ever know the difference.  
So far mine has worked great!

Sorry for the rambling...I just kind of 
spit out all the pellet 
knowledge that I have thus far. 
 Whew!  Lots to learn. 

Happy grilling, people! :)


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