Saturday, September 28, 2013

Revenge of the Nerds...

So I looked up the definition of  a nerd.  
It basically boils down to being 
overly intellectual and having an
inability to be stylish.

Or for me, 
it was my high school years.
I was voted
 "Most Intellectual"
 by my peers.
If this doesn't seal my nerd fate, 
I don't know what could. Besides that, I also had terrible fashion sense.

Anyway, at least I feel like I grew out of my
nerdness to some extent.  I like to believe
that I know how to be a little 
stylish.  Although 
 I don't always hit the mark.

I have been seeing these NERD sweaters in the fashion world and I loved them.

So as soon as I saw one at
Rue 21...I had to get it!

I paired it with my white skinny jeans and some black and silver accessories.  

I really like how it turned out.  And my inner nerd... that I try to keep hidden, was very happy too.

Whatever you wear, wear it with a smile.  :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Sunday afternoon at Reelfoot Lake

 I believe this weekend was the absolutely
most gorgeous weekend I have ever seen.
The fall temperatures were perfect and the 
sky was as blue as possible.

I decided to take a solo trip to Reelfoot Lake here in West Tennessee.  I haven't been there in a long time just to soak up the scenery and wildlife. 

After looking it up, my favorite bird was the Great Egret or Great White Heron.  I was able to capture some pretty cool pics of one that seemed to be posing for me.  

I love how his reflection shows in the water.
He sat here until a boat came by, then flew into the tree...

Then he came back to pose for me some more....

Landing gracefully...

I think he knows how beautiful he is...

Then there were the sunning turtles.  I love how they have their legs sticking up so they can soak up all the rays.

They also are reflecting in the water...and were soo cute...loved them.

The majestic cypress trees are so was hard to get them in a photo, but I managed to get these...

This next photo is just plain peaceful to me.  There is a bird standing on one leg on the bank.  I think it was a Great Blue Heron.

The weathered wood of the boardwalk even looked picture worthy as I was leaving...

Thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful day roaming the lake.  

Made for an extremely peaceful 
and refreshing Sunday.  Ahhh.   :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The old and new dress...

Although I wouldn't qualify for the television show Hoarders...
I could probably fit into
the category of "clothesaholic".

My problem is that if something fits, I don't want to get rid of it.  There are really only 3 things that will get an item booted 
from my home.

1. It is just really really not my style
anymore.  Which isn't much 
because I can have a weird 
taste in clothes sometimes.

2. It doesn't fit at all.  Either too big
or too small.  If it is borderline,
I will keep it for a fat/skinny day.

3.  I has an unfixable hole or a stain

Most of my clothes do not fit these 3 problems, so my closet (that used to be a bedroom), is about to explode.

But I do use the clothes, it just may take me awhile.  I love to pull out something I have had for years and put an outfit together.
It just really makes my day.

The most recent item I dug out was this black tube dress that has blessed my closet for at least 15 years.  The little black dress does not
go out of style.  

I decided to add a new punch of color to the dress, so I added a fluorescent top underneath.  

I instantly fell in love with it!  
It was soo comfortable and we were going out, so it was the perfect dress.

I tried to angle them so they didn't look too bad, but my poor little legs have taken a beaten lately.  Between 4 wheeling, jet skiing and doing a little mechanic work, I have banged them on everything.  I guess a few red neck bruises don't hurt.  

Now, go get in your closet and try out some new ideas, you never know what you can come up with.  To me, style is when I am wearing something that makes me feel good.  The fashion world today is so all over the place that you can get away with just about anything.  

Just remember..

Whatever you wear, wear it with a smile!  :)