My Sunday afternoon at Reelfoot Lake

 I believe this weekend was the absolutely
most gorgeous weekend I have ever seen.
The fall temperatures were perfect and the 
sky was as blue as possible.

I decided to take a solo trip to Reelfoot Lake here in West Tennessee.  I haven't been there in a long time just to soak up the scenery and wildlife. 

After looking it up, my favorite bird was the Great Egret or Great White Heron.  I was able to capture some pretty cool pics of one that seemed to be posing for me.  

I love how his reflection shows in the water.
He sat here until a boat came by, then flew into the tree...

Then he came back to pose for me some more....

Landing gracefully...

I think he knows how beautiful he is...

Then there were the sunning turtles.  I love how they have their legs sticking up so they can soak up all the rays.

They also are reflecting in the water...and were soo cute...loved them.

The majestic cypress trees are so was hard to get them in a photo, but I managed to get these...

This next photo is just plain peaceful to me.  There is a bird standing on one leg on the bank.  I think it was a Great Blue Heron.

The weathered wood of the boardwalk even looked picture worthy as I was leaving...

Thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful day roaming the lake.  

Made for an extremely peaceful 
and refreshing Sunday.  Ahhh.   :)


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