It got cold again. :(

Well, it's a Tuesday.  And it got cold again.  The low was back into the 30's last night, which really makes me miss the 74 degrees we had on Sunday.  On the bright side, spring is just around the corner.  Today's picture is of cloudman.  He is a little guy I drew a few years ago on my computer, and he makes me smile just by looking at him.  It had been awhile since I saw him, so this morning, he brightened my day.  I hope he makes you smile.  :)

He really is a cute little guy.  I don't have to feed him or anything.  He just stands there all day, wanting to make me smile. 

I got a $25 gift cerftificate to Applebee's yesterday from a friend.  That made me smile too.  Now I have an excuse to not cook one night and go to Applebee's.  We also have to go to Lowe's very soon to get a new faucet for the bathroom.  Darn thing started leaking, and it appears that we have to replace the whole assembly.  So it looks like an AppleLowesbees night is in the near future. 

Well, it is morning time, and I have had my coffee and muffins.  Time to get to work, the parts are not going to put themselves on the shelves.  I know this for a fact...been waiting on them to do it for 23 years.  

Until next time. 


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