Stormy Sunday.

Well, Sunday is here!  I have had my coffee and french toast this morning.  I am trying to drag myself off the warm couch to go walking.  The temp is 57, so it will be a good time to walk before the rain gets here later in the day.  The storms are supposed to get here about ten o'clock and last til about one.  That is going to make for a crappy night of sleep.  Hopefully they won't be as bad as expected. 

So here is what I will be grilling later, rain or shine.  I will be having salmon, and Eric has some New York strips.  Can't wait.  
It has been a really warm the sixties and feels very clammy.  Feels like it could storm tonight.  I sure hope it doesn't but it looks like we are in for a night of interrupted sleep. 

Eat well and I will see you on Monday!  :)


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