Tuxedo jacket and a khaki military type dress

 I have always liked the look of a
 tuxedo jacket.
They just seem to have a crisp,
 dressy feel to them.  
I paired mine with my white skinny jeans 
and black boots and belt.

I tried black jeans as well but thought the 
white looked better.
Need to try the same outfit with 
black heels next time to see if I 
like it better. 
Was in a boot mood this night,
so I didn't even think about heels.  

This was a dress I wore a few weeks ago.  
I have had it for years and never wore it.
It is very short.  I was able to find a
small mini skirt to wear underneath
to make it a bit longer.   
I was constantly pulling it down, but
it worked out pretty well.   
Thought it came together nicely.

The belt seemed to finish it off.
Seems to be what it was missing.
I bump into everything possible, so my poor legs stay bruised.  I need to learn better coordination.

Whatever you wear, wear it with a smile!  :)


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