Finally a post to explain the SPARK PLUGS

I decided it was time to pay homage 
to the third part of my title.  
I have talked plenty about FOOD and 
quite a bit about FASHION.
Now I will mention the SPARK PLUGS 
that is part of my life.

My parents opened an auto parts store
43 years ago which just happened
to be the year before I was born.
Therefore I was basically
 raised in said auto parts 
store and worked there throughout
high school and college then 
took over in the year 2000.

Being a girl in the automotive business
has definitely been interesting. 
 I typically get
2 kinds of people: those who 
know me and want to ask me how to
fix their vehicle vs. those who don't know
me and because I am a girl, don't 
think I know a thing about 
a vehicle.

I have done my share of minor 
mechanic work
and actually love it.  I don't do 
the really big jobs. 
 I tend to stick with things
like starters, water pumps, tune-ups
and fixing basic 
"not running good" issues.
A 2-3 hour job is fun, whereas
if a job runs into 5-6 hours,
 I tend to lose interest.  I am 
definitely a "shade tree" mechanic, but
I am fine with that.  
I do all the work on my own vehicles, 
they are my main concern.

The picture above is of my blue Ford that 
I just love to drive around.  It is
a pain to keep clean, but I still like it.

Here is a pic when I was changing the oil
recently.  It really helps to have a step ladder.  Otherwise I usually almost fall
off the bumper.  

I didn't realize until I started changing
the oil that it held 10 quarts.  I had taken
6 quarts home as a guesstimate and had
to go back for more.  
It really needs a rear wheel seal, but that 
is one of the "bigger" jobs that I was 
referring to.  I eventually am going to 
tackle it, just waiting for some warmer

I will try to say more about the
 "spark plugs" side of my life in future
postings.  I would like to 
explain to especially the ladies out there
how important it is to know at least 
a few basics about your car or truck.
I have seen too many engines get 
ruined when all they needed was a little

 Check your oil and fluids, people! :)


  1. Great post Sis. I enjoyed growing up in the parts business too. From working with dad to running several other parts stores to eventually Philip and I owning our own store, which we miss very much. However, as I always say everything happens for a reason. I now have a great boss and get to live on the lake in Hot Springs. Glad you get to do what you love! Now I better go check my oil.....

  2. Ha. Love this Sis. I can't imagine not working with auto is what I am. :)


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