Goodbye to the winter that would not end...hello SPRING!



I am ready to sweat and complain
about it.  :)

Bring on some mowing, gardening,
weeding, working, playing, swimming,
riding, fishing chilling....and grilling!

To me, food just tastes so much
 better when it is grilled.
I have been grilling throughout the 
cold, bitter winter,
 but only the foods that 
don't take long to cook, like a 
steak or yummy piece of salmon.  

The grilled jalapeno popper is 
one of my favorite appetizers, but
they take time on the grill, so they 
are pretty much a warm weather
food.  Sure, you can
make them in the oven, but they
just aren't the same.  

Here's how you make 'em...

1 package of bacon
12 jalapenos (the bigger ones stuff easier)
lite cream cheese
sharp cheddar

Cut the caps off the jalapenos and make a slit down one side.  Depending on how hot you like them, remove all of the seeds and gill for mild and leave some of it if you want them hot.  Stuff each pepper with a small amount of cream cheese and a chunk of sharp cheddar.  Using a toothpick, put the cap back on to help hold the cheese inside while grilling.  Wrap each pepper tightly with a strip of bacon.  Place them in the freezer for about an hour.  This will let the cheese harden and not melt out as bad while grilling.  Place these on a grill over a low flame and turn them several times while cooking.  When the bacon is cooked, the pepper will be soft and done as well.  These are best when they are just slightly still warm. 

Love what you eat, and eat what you love! :)


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