Ahhh....what the crap to do with leftovers...

The food left from the night
before, after everyone got full.

I hate to waste.  I just don't want
to throw something out that didn't
get eaten.  I feel like I should have
managed better and not made so much
food in the first place if
I have to throw something out.

I make a lunch plate for 
my guy on the days he works, so 
the leftovers actually work out well. 
But they are really better if you can
change them up and make them
into a different dish to break the monotony.

The dish I was trying to enhance on this
particular occasion was...spaghetti.
It is pretty yummy that first time, but 
can always stand a little attention
when it comes time for leftovers.

I just pressed the leftover spaghetti
into a casserole dish like so...

And topped it with plenty of mozzarella
to cover it well.  Then added
pepperonis to the top of the cheese.

Popped it in the oven at 350 for 
about 20 minutes.
Serve it with some garlic toast. 
mmmm.  :)

Love what you eat and eat what you love! :)


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