Women need "I feel pretty" days...or at least this woman does

I may be all alone in this feeling, 
but I am pretty sure I'm not. I think
most women feel this way at one time
or another.

You are having a bad week.  Nothing
seems to go right.  The new recipe you tried...
sucked.  Your hair is in a funky
phase and just 
looks like a dirty mop.
The dog pooped in the
floor...and yeah, you stepped in it.  
Your skin is stuck somewhere
between super oily and Sahara desert.
You were putting away the
groceries and dropped a jar of
spaghetti sauce on the floor. You see where
I am going...one of those weeks.

After all that crap, it is such a relief
when you can put yourself together, 
have a good hair day, find an
outfit that makes you feel pretty and 
even if all you do is wear it around the 
house, you feel fabulous for a bit.  
I am aware that men probably do
not have this weakness, but at least
it is a weakness that I have come to 
understand and know how
 to somewhat handle.

All that being said, I had a pretty day
recently and snapped a pic.  Of course,
 I forgot to get the dirty clothes out from 
behind me, and afterwards, it was too
late.  A pretty day is like the tide, it will
come, and it will go.  You will never have
that particular pretty day back. 
You can put on that
same outfit, and it just may
never feel as good as it did
that one time.  Next time, I
will try to remember to get out the good camera,
 but in the mean time,
 I have this snapshot to remind me
 when I am having a funky day,
 that there is 
potential, and it will eventually
come back around.  
Today I may be extra greasy from working on a car and super sweaty because it is 100 degrees, but dang it, I am a girl, and
dang it, I can fix up and feel fabulous! :)


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