Experiment gone well...Crescent calzone thing :)

One day when I was at Foodrite I saw these
magical sheets of dough called...Crescent 
Seamless Dough from Pillsbury.  

I immediately thought of using it as a pizza 
crust, so I grabbed a couple of them and
some spaghetti sauce.

This is the 2nd time I have made it, and it 
is pretty good to be so simple.  It is like a 
sheet pan full of calzone.

I am going to make it with some different 
stuffings next time like onion...browned hamburger meat...ham...peppers...
who knows what else would be good,
but my first two attempts were 
strictly pepperoni and lots of
cheese.  And I loved it!  And my man said
that I did alright for a white girl...which is
his way of saying it was good too. 
Which I love. :)

Crescent Calzone

2 tubes of Pillsbury seamless crescent dough
8oz  shredded mozzarella 
1 jar of marinara or your fave spaghetti sauce
(just about one cup for the calzone,
 the rest is for dipping)
1 small package of pepperonis

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Lay one
of the crescent sheets out on a large cookie sheet.  
Spread it onto pan lightly, but don't roll it or press it too much.  Spread a good layer of spaghetti sauce on top of the dough.  Cover the sauce with the pepperonis.  Top with all the cheese.  Take the 
other sheet of dough out of the tube and gently
hold it in the air and let it try to stretch out some, then lay it on top of the cheese and pinch the edges all the way around.  Put it in the oven on the top rack and cook for 12-17 minutes.  Mine pretty much takes 15 minutes but you don't want the bottom to get too done, so you may want to check it at 12.  Cut into pieces and dip into the rest of the sauce.

Love what you eat and eat what you love! :)


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