You can make your own butter in 20 minutes? What the crap?

Facebook containing the wealth of knowledge
 that it does, has inspired me
many times through recipes, how-tos, 
did-you-knows.  This experiment
has to be one of my favorites though!

There was a blog that popped up on how to
make your own butter just by using 
whipping cream.  
I was immediately intrigued.
So of course on the way home, I picked 
up a half pint of whipping cream. 

The instructions were pretty simple.
You just need a jar with a tight lid and just
enough of the whipping cream to fill it 
a little less than half way.  It needs to be able to shake

Then simply shake it for 20 minutes.  To be honest, the first 5 went pretty fast, but the next 15, not so much.   I took the lid off to look after 10, and 
it had turned into something resembling
marshmallow fluff.  It seemed
harder to shake while it was in this
state because it was not moving, but I kept 
shaking.  If your mind is slightly in the gutter,
like mine tends to stay, it will also be 
an entertaining 20 minutes.
My boyfriend helped by
shaking for a couple of minutes to give me a
break in between, which helped. ha:)

After 15 minutes, I could tell it was separating
into buttermilk and butter.  I took the lid
off and amazingly it smelled just like buttermilk.
I am still just in awe of how it goes through 
this transforming process.  Even if you only
do this once, you gotta try it.  

After 20 minutes I poured off the buttermilk into
a small glass, and scooped the butter into a dish.  
The instructions I had read said to rinse the
butter in cold water to make it keep longer.
It seemed a little weird to rinse the butter, but do your best to get the residual buttermilk out of
it.  If you don't get the buttermilk out, I read that
it will go sour in a week.  Whereas, if you 
rinse it thoroughly through a sieve, it will 
keep 2-3 weeks.  I didn't have a sieve, so I will
make sure and eat mine within a week. 

I tend to like salt, so I normally buy salted
butter.  I added a heavy dash of salt to my fresh butter, and it turned out good.  Well, at least my dad said so.  I brought him some 
to eat with the toast 
that he sometimes eats for breakfast.  I plan
on eating mine tonight with some biscuits
as a breakfast for supper night.  The 
buttermilk will probably make great
buttermilk pancakes too!

I also think this will make the BOMB flavored
butter.  Just add some of your favorite jam to it and mix it up a little, spread it on a hot
roll....oh my:)

Love what you eat and eat what you love! :)


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