Howdy! Pepper people.

Okay, I know, I have not posted in months!   Forgive me.  I almost have to get in the mood to put my feelings and happenings into type.  First off, for a Wednesday, I am in a great mood!  Fall is coming and for once, I am ready for it!   I did lots of cooking this past weekend, and decided to share a recipe.   Also,  I wanted to get this in writing for the next time I make these peppers, so I can go back and see how I made them.   I have made many many bacon wrapped jalapenos, but these were by far the best I have made.  I started with the largest jalapenos I could find.  I cup the cap off and cored them, which just about killed me.  I had tears running down my face, my nose was running, and I coughed so hard that I lost my breath twice.  I decided that I might not make them again for awhile after that, but they turned out awesome! 

I stuffed them with extra sharp cheddar, diced onion and diced garlic.  I put the cap back on each one with a toothpick and wrapped each in a nice piece of bacon.  I had a Boston butt in the oven for BBQ, so I just put the peppers in the oven while it cooked on 300 degrees.  I probably cooked them for about an hour, turning them a few times and just making sure the bacon was cooked.  I think the low slow temperature helped.  The cheese did not ooze out of them like it can sometimes at 350 degrees.  They had the perfect heat to them.  My mouth waters for one now. 

So that is my post.  I will try to post more often, not that anyone reads my blog.  I think only my sister and niece even know about it, but I enjoy typing it when I get around to it, and I like to go back and read it later.  :)


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