So this is me, trying my hand at fashion.  I have been looking at all kinds of fashion photos recently, and decided to put an outfit together.  I love to experiment with different looks, but I especially like the preppy look.  Being that I am not "preppy" per se, it is sometimes hard to pull off.  I think this look is a pretty decent version of the prepster, and I was very comfortable in it.  I think it looks like I could possibly jump on a horse and jockey off to hunt a fox or play some polo, which is something a true preppy might want to do.  :)

The sweater over the button up shirt is a key element to this kind of style.  At least in my mind, the preppy look is alot of layering and different textures.  Also, red/navy/white, which are very nautical, can really be used in this look.  I love the leg warmers with the boots.  I think it adds a little extra pop to the outfit.  I need to get a better spot to take pictures.  The details just do not show up in the lighting I have here.  The coat is a navy blue pea coat with the big buttons and is super cute.  You can't make out any details because of the bad lighting.   The pants are army green.  I got them at TJ Maxx a couple of years ago.  I hardly ever get rid of anything, for the fear that I might want to wear it one day.  These are super soft and comfortable.  I have seen alot of this navy/green combo in pics and I really like it. 

I am getting a little tired of my hair this way.  I am not good at making hair changes.  I have had the same look for years and years, but I have been looking at some different cuts lately.  Maybe I can make a change soon.  I know it won't be drastic though.  I'm not up for that yet. 


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