White white and more white. :)

Just like when I look at food pictures to get ideas for supper, I am also always looking at fashion photos to get ideas on what to wear.  I saw this all white look the other day and had to try it.  A crisp white outfit is one of my favorite ever.   Working in an auto parts store, this would not at all be practical, so I only wear it when I am going out.  :)

I am by no means an Elle McPherson, but the outfit made me feel pretty fabulous.   I guess I should have put on my shades.   :)

All you really need for this look is some skinny white jeans, and your favorite white top.   Skinny jeans are really "in" right now,  especially the bright colored ones.  I have never been a big fan of colored jeans, so I am still on the fence on wearing them.  I may have to go try some on and see how I feel in them.   Sometimes, just getting the right color and being in the right mood can make all the difference.  That will go on my to do list.  To finish my white outfit, I like a belt, so I added a brown belt and heels.   Black shoes and a black belt would also work.  The cool thing about white is that you can add pretty much whatever color accessories that you want.  Gold, silver, black, turquoise, brown....just whatever color mood you are in. :)

Wear what makes you feel fabulous!


  1. FAB! Love the white on white! You look great!

    1. Thanks so much! It's funny how much an outfit can change my mood. If I feel confident, there is no stopping me. If I am uncomfortable in an outfit, I am a slug. :)

  2. Love the outfit! All white is always chic! I actually like your version better than Elle's!


    1. Thanks Lindsey! I thought it needed a belt to break it up a bit. I agree, white seems very chic! :)


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