Long time, no see. :)

Okay, I have to apologize for my dry spell.    My mom, who is one of my best friends in the WHOLE world, has been ill.  I was afraid she had a stroke because she had trouble standing and just had that "look" that she had 7 years ago with her stroke.  Turns out, she probably had a virus, possibly West Nile.  So I have been at her house, back and forth for 2 weeks, checking her temperature and making sure she had the best care in the world.

That being said, she is finally getting better!  I have been a wreck!  Grilling is my therapy, and I have been too tired to grill.  So, being that it was Friday, and she is feeling better, I decided to GRILL!!!!

I grilled T-bone steaks for the husband and salmon for me.  We both had bacon wrapped potatoes that I made in the microwave and the oven. 

Here is a picture of his T-bone.  I grilled it on the gas grill.  I have been doing some charcoal lately, but thanks to hurricane Isaac...and his the rain coming, the gas made more sense.  And yes, in the middle of grilling, the bottom dropped out for about 10 minutes.

The potatoes, were just small Russet potatoes that I first cooked in the microwave for about 4 minutes to precook them.  It helps to also precook the bacon in the microwave for about 2 minutes.  Then, wrap the bacon around the potatoes and spice them with Greek seasoning and pepper.   Bake at 400 until the bacon was crispy, about 15 minutes.

Then.....came mine.  :)

I loooove salmon...did I tell you, I LOVE salmon?   :)  The BEST way to grill salmon, IMHO, is to soak it in La Choy soy sauce...other brands can be very different,  I didn't know this until I tried others.  La Choy is the BOMB.   Anyway, soak your fresh salmon in the soy sauce for at least an hour.  Get your grill ready and grill with the SKINLESS side down first, this is my fave!   Then after it has cooked for about 5-7 minutes, cook the skin side down for about the same.  You don't want to overcook it, unless you like it dry, which some people do.  This is why they ask..."How do you want your steak?"   Some like it RARE, some like it WELL.  I am an in-between girl myself, kinda like it MEDIUM.  

For my potatoes, I added sour cream and sharp cheddar, then kinda smashed them into mashed taters.  They were yummy.

It is easy to tweak a meal to different tastes.  I always cook very versatile meals.  The hubs has no care about fat or calories, so his can be very tasty with no problem.  To make mine tasty and lower calorie, I use alot of garlic, Greek seasoning, dill, mustard, cumin... whatever it takes to spice it up with no fat.  :)

Our plans to go out of town were cancelled by the hurricane, but I plan to make the best of it.   I hope you all have a fantabulous Labor Day weekend!!!   

Love what you eat, and eat what you love!!   :)


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