The bright shirt...

Spring and early summer can pose a problem for me when it comes to outfits.
  The transitional period from boots and jeans to shorts and tank tops can be daunting.

I don't feel comfortable in shorts until
 I get rid of the pasty winter white that my legs
take on throughout the winter.  They don't have to be dark, just not glowing white.

To help bring in spring,
I recently purchased this 
fluorescent orange shirt
at Burkes Outlet, and I love it! 
 It has such a great color to it

It was hard to capture the
brightness of 
it because of the lighting.  

This was without a flash
and was a little dark, but shows the color more.

The next picture I took with the flash and it was a better picture, but
completely changed the color. 

It is very flowy and soft.  I wish I had about 10 more colors of the same top.
I have a small problem with buying multiple colors.  Sadly, this was the
only color they had.

I wore my leopard heels with it and felt really girly. 

I will miss my boots, but 
I am soo ready for summer!  

Let's all have a summer to remember!!


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