Monday, June 2, 2014

My afternoon with the EAGLES.

The beauty and majestic grace of
the bald eagle has always intrigued me.

To see them in their natural 
habitat was just plain awesomeness.

 I first got the opportunity
a while back to see them 
and as luck would 
have it...I left my bleeping 
camera card at home!  Oh the horror.  :(

2nd opportunity arises...the sun went 
down too soon.  It was 
a great time riding, and I got to see them
but still no pictures.

3rd opportunity...Bingo!
I wish I had a longer lens, but hey 
they turned out pretty decent for a
point and shoot kind of girl.  :)

I want photography to be my lazy hobby, 
which in my mind means I don't want to
learn all the technical things about
my camera.  I can tell when a picture
looks good to me and that is really all 
I am after.  :)

They were at their nest and kept flying overhead squawking at me.  Here is one flying by the
huge nest.

I know they were not happy
to see me.  If they knew how happy I
was to see them, they would have posed
for me.

Instead, they just flew back and forth 
landing and taking off, if I got anywhere near.
I looked pretty silly chasing them back
and forth I am sure, but it was just "me and them".

Obviously here, he is taking off and 
calling me a several choice names
I am sure.  

He probably was figuring out how he
could poop on my head.  

He may have been thinking about it in this 
picture.  He could have got 
me pretty good.  :)

I didn't get many of them sitting down. 
They would fly if I got anywhere near.
I had to zoom pretty good to get
this one.

I will definitely try to get back to
see them.  Maybe I will have a 
better lens next time.  I will
be taking some sunscreen next time. 
I normally am adamant about taking it with
me, but I forgot just how far away the 
eagles were and even got lost a couple 
of times.  I had
taken the top off the Jeep for
the first time and got a little toasty.  :(

Get out there and take some pics!  :)

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