Pork tenderloin smothered in provolone and mushrooms

Sometimes all I need to make 
my creative juices flow is
to see a picture.
This was a photo I saw last week:


It made me crave some kind of 
cheesey ooey gooey goodness.

The picture has chicken under the 
lovely cheese, but I tend to use more
pork tenderloin.  I think it has more 
flavor and stays juicier.

I buy the 2 pack of tenderloins and 
slice them into pretty thick pieces,
about an inch I would say.  

I normally don't use butter but I did for
this project.  I put a couple of
pats in the skillet and got it nice and hot 
to get a good brown on the tenderloin.

Turn the heat down to medium and
flip them after about 3-4 minutes.

They need to cook about 4-5 more minutes
You can tell when the pink is no 
longer there.  I like them just barely done
because they stay really juicy and
super tender.

In another skillet, add a couple of pats
of butter and a container of
fresh sliced mushrooms.  Saute them
until golden brown.

I took a couple of slices of provolone,
some of the mushrooms and a little fresh
parsley that I am growing and melted it with 
a pat of butter in a small skillet.
Then poured it over 3 of the pork
pieces.  You could probably
melt the cheese in the microwave over
them, and it would be less messy but still
ooey and gooey.  

Even though I used butter, this is 
still overall a healthy dish.  Mushrooms
are very low calorie and tenderloin
is pretty much one of the leanest
cuts out there.  Provolone as far
as cheese goes is on the low calorie end.
So I didn't feel guilty about eating 
every single gooey bite!  :)


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