The quail cooking experiment...

I enjoy trying new foods and 
experimenting with how to cook them.
Recently had some "homegrown" quail make
its way into my fridge.  It basically looks like
small chickens, so I treated it
as such.

Here are a couple of the birdies after 
marinating in soy sauce for a few hours.
I also sprinkled them with Lawry's seasoning
and some garlic powder and added a 
few tablespoons of olive oil.

I cooked them breast side up on the
grill over low flame for about 5-7 minutes
then flipped them and cooked another
5-7 minutes.  I didn't want 
to overcook them because I knew
they were supposed to be drier
than chicken, but really I want
any form of bird meat to
be thoroughly done.  

Overall, the meat was good.  A bit
more gamey and a little dry for my 
taste, but was free, so I 
enjoyed it.  And they looked 
really nice.  :)

Deep frying them would probably
be a good method to try.  I am sure it would
let them retain more juices and 
just about anything is good deep fried. 

And actually, the meat would probably 
have went well in a quail version of
chicken rotel.  
Bottom line, I won't be buying any
quail, but if it is free...heck 
yeah...I will cook
it up!  

Love what you eat and eat what you love!  :)


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