Dresser redo with gel stain

I have always had a knack for
the mechanical stuff.  Once you do
something your whole life, some
of it is gonna stick.  

But one thing I didn't grow up 
around was a carpenter sort of handiness.
Don't get me wrong, dad can fix 
just about anything he wants, but
he has the tendency to "rig" things
that are along the realm of carpentry.

With my recent addition of a new bed,
my dresser was in the need of a 
redo or replacement.  I really didn't
want to spend money to replace it and 
with the homemade bed, not just 
anything was going to match.
So, I was looking into my options and 
found the miraculous "gel stain".

For someone who doesn't know about the
sanding and refinishing techniques, 
this stain makes it easy.

This was my old dresser...it 
was cherry.  I had taken
out one drawer before I decided to do 
a before picture.

Basically, I just took all of the drawers 
out and removed the hardware.  Most
handles will just have screws on
the inside.  The center emblems actually
had nails and were a bit of a pain, but I got
them off. 

I took a sanding pad and lightly everything.
Then I took a soft towel and dusted 
off the residue.  The gel stain goes a long 
way.  I ordered a quart and only used maybe
a third if even that much to do this
whole dresser.  A pint would go far.  
I ordered this on eBay because I couldn't find
it anywhere. 
Java is the color I used.  It is
a really rich brown, almost black.

To apply it, you will need a rubber glove
and then either a jersey glove over
that or even just a sock will do. 
Basically you just rub the stain on and make
sure everything gets a good coat.  
If you decide to apply a second coat, you 
will need to let the first one
dry for 24 hours.  I was happy with
one coat and I was so excited I couldn't 
wait to get it all together, so I did one coat.

For the handles, I just used an
can of paint that I sell here at the store.  
The color is aluminum, but it comes out
a nice burnished silver to me, so it
was exactly what I wanted.  I just arranged
 all of the handles on some cardboard 
and gave them a good coat of paint.

The dark brown goes great with 
our new homemade bed.  I couldn't
be happier with the way they both turned out!


  1. It looks great! Now you can add furniture refinisher to you list of skill sets!


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