My Brother....

56 years ago, my mom gave birth 
to my one and only brother.

His name was Dennis Mason Blessing.

He only lived to be 4 months old.

He died of crib death.  What is today known as SIDS.  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

No one knows why it happens, but for some reason the child stops breathing in their sleep.

This had to be a tough, tough thing for my parents....or any parent to endure.

But they managed to go on...and unfortunately...have 4 girls boy.

I happened to be the last girl.   Luckily...I was a tomboy to the core.   Trucks, mud, mechanics...I was in.   About as big of a tomboy as I could be...

My parents gave us a great life, one that should be envied.  I never once wanted for anything, but I also worked for what I got.  
They taught me to work for what I wanted.

I sit here today, at 41...thinking that 
I really have so much to be thankful for...
2 wonderful parents that
 I would give my life for...
2 sisters, Penny and Sissy (Selina) that 
I am closer to than ever before...and 
a whole bunch of nieces and nephews, 
and great nieces and nephews. :)

I have a sister that has passed away, way before her time as well...Joni...she was one of the most precious people to ever walk 
the face of the Earth.  But she had 
the hereditary cholesterol problem that plagues
 many of us and she died at the
early age of 50.   :(

We love you Joni!

I don't know why this fell on my heart, but I thought about my brother today.  Maybe it is because my dad is going through a tough time, and I hate to see him down.   He is the toughest and most determined man I know, so I know he will be okay, but I wish I could give him part of my life and energy.

Who knows why life gives us what it does, 
but it is given to us for a reason.
We are meant to do the best we can with it
or give up, and I ain't gonna give up.

For some reason...
I didn't get the...want a kid gene, 
but I have
7 nieces and nephews and
9 great nieces and they got
it covered.  I am soo soo proud of each 
and every one of them!   :)

To my mom and dad...
thank you for making me who I am...
I hope I make you half
as proud to be
my parents,
as I am
to be your daughter...   :)


  1. Jill that was really nice to see in your life,we have been friends a long time.Always liked that you was just you,a nice girl with a good heart.Hope you and your family receive great blessings and happiness.

  2. Very beautifully said Jill! Your parents are such sweet people and were always good to Mandie, Stephie and I when we were kids. I always loved going to their house! I hope you have them for many, many more years! :)
    They are very lucky to have you! :)
    Love you all!


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