The STEAKburger

While in Memphis for all of my
dad's tests and surgery and such, 
I had the opportunity to go to a nice dinner with Eric.

J Alexanders 
was the restaurant of choice.
We had been years ago and
 remembered it was good, 
so we tried it again.

I got salmon of course 
because it is my fave.
It was awesome!
Eric ordered the steakburger.
I got a bite or 2 of his burger...
it was sooo good!  
It had so much steak flavor...I fell in love with this burger.

I knew that I had to try to 
make one at home.
I called my local butcher and asked
if he could grind up some steak
for me.  He was reluctant
because he said it would be 
expensive for the amount of
meat that you would get.
I was determined, so he agreed.
The New York Strip steaks
were on sale, so that is what I got.

I also bought a small pack of 
ground chuck to mix in, just so that
there would be a little 
more fat in the patties.

I cooked them over charcoal 
just until done.  One good thing
about them was that they
didn't shrink up very much 
because they were so lean.

They turned out nicely.  
They didn't have quite as much
of the steak flavor as the 
one at J Alexanders, 
but they were 

I used toasted onion buns, and I 
also grilled some purple
onions with the burgers.
Topped with homemade
pickles and homegrown tomatoes...
Pretty darn tasty!

Love what you eat and eat what you love!  :)


  1. Hi Jill,
    I came to visit your blog.
    Jorge, my brother in law. (It is in Barcelona) and has show it to me. I liked your blog
    I leave the address of my cooking blog. if you want to come visit:

    1. Thanks! I visited your blog! I especially like the restaurant descriptions and photos! Jorge is such a sweet neighbor. I know he enjoys visiting there!



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