Style inspiration...where does yours come from?

Sometimes it doesn't take much 
to spark my brain into 
thinking about style.  
 I saw this sea foam 
green and white combination...

instantly thought of a 
sea foam top that I have had 
for probably at least 7-8 years and 
never worn.

I love the top... just had never found the 
right combination that I wanted.
Pairing it with white was the 
look I had wanted.

Color combinations sometimes jump
out at me, but not as often as I would 
like.  I usually need to see the
colors in an outfit to put them together.

This photo also reminds me of the outfit... 
(and really makes me want cake)!

My goal is to try to watch for
 more style inspiration in unusual places.  
Pinterest is an inspirational
overload, surely I can figure out some
ideas from there.  

I found this photo after the fact,
but it has the basic colors of my outfit. 
I want to be able to use something 
like this for my style ideas. 
   I will work on that.

Whatever you wear, wear it with a smile!  :)


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