Fried broccoli? Yep!

One thing I love to do when I have the
time is experiment in the kitchen.
Alot of yummy and a 
few not-so-yummy things have
emerged when I do these experiments.

Sunday I was frying some huge
fresh catfish filets that I had just
and realized
that I had some extra flour left over 
from when I had coated the 
fish to fry.

I love steamed broccoli and had thrown a
bag in the microwave...the kind
that just takes 5 minutes
and comes out perfect.

My creative wheels were all greased up 
from having the day off, and I thought...
hmmmm...why not fry some broccoli.

I took the flour and added an egg, some
milk, season salt and Cavendar's 
Greek seasoning to make a batter about the
consistency of pancake batter.

I actually tried the frying process 2 ways. 
I had butter in one skillet and oil in the other.
Although both turned out good, I would 
probably use a combination next
time because the butter
seemed to add a little flavor but the
oil seemed to cook better.
I didn't use alot of either, just enough to 
have a little in the bottom of the pan.  
I didn't want to deep fry.  Less oil at least
seems healthier.

To make them,
I simply dipped some of the larger 
pieces of steamed broccoli into the batter
and cooked them in the oil/butter over
medium heat until nice and golden brown 
on both sides.

When they were done, I put them on a 
paper plate to drain off the excess grease
and topped them with a little grated
sharp cheddar cheese.

Love what you eat and eat what you love! :)


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