Bacon wrapped BBQ chicken legs.

These awesome looking legs are packing soo much flavor.  I first tried these about 5 years ago and have been making them ever since.  They are pretty simple to make, yet they taste amazing. 

To make these, all you need is a large package of chicken legs, a pack of bacon and a bottle of BBQ sauce.  I prefer Sweet Baby Ray's myself.  It is deliciously sweet and savory. 

Simply wrap one piece of bacon around each leg, at the meaty end of the leg.  You can use toothpicks, but if you tuck it in a bit, the bacon will stay on the leg surprisingly well.  These can be baked in the oven, but will be much better and crisper on the grill.  Either way, you will need to turn them pretty often to cook the bacon evenly.  Just cook them until almost done, then brush them with the BBQ sauce a couple of times during the last 15-20 minutes.  You will not be disappointed in the flavor!  :)


  1. No WAY! Those look amazing. My husband and I don't always agree on what's for dinner, especially with my bland pregnancy tastes.
    We need to make these. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad I found this blog.

  2. Thanks!! So glad you liked the photo! I have made this many many times. They are my husband's number one request from me. :) Sometimes if it is messy outside, I will cook them in the oven, then finish them on the grill. Thanks for looking!

  3. What is the total cooking time, and what tempature should the oven be set at?

    1. 350 degrees. The cook time varies with the leg size. I always turn and baste them a few times while cooking and drain off the grease. I cook 12 at a time. About an hour is average, sometimes and hour and a half. I cook them until the bacon is done and then probe the chicken and make sure the leg is 180 degrees. I am very picky and like my chicken DONE. I even usually throw them on the grill for about 10 miutes just to seal the deal. :) Hope this helps. Thanks for your question! :)

    2. I am definately going to try these for dinner tonight they look amazing!!!

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