My fashion drought is finally over.

After many posts on FOOD, I think it is time for some fashion.  I know that my idea of fashion may be 100% different than anyone else's, but I like to wear what makes me happy.   I think fashion should be what makes you smile inside when you wear it.  If you get a new top, belt, pants, skirt or even new earrings, if you love them, then you are enjoying a style moment.  Grab ideas anywhere you can and make you some style.  

Sometimes when I can't figure out want to wear, I will get the camera out and snap a few pics.  I recently had a necklace dilemma and pulled out the tripod.   My problem was that I fell in love with a necklace online then I found them really cheap and bought WAY too many colors.  Now I can never figure out which to wear with what and when.  

One of my faves is a pale yellow color.  I am wearing it below with heather gray, a color I tend to wear alot just because I LIKE it!

I also had the game of belt or no belt.  Sometimes

it is hard for me to decide which looks better.
I think if my belt had matched my shoes, I would go belt.  So after a trip to Walmart, I now have a belt to match, NEXT time.  

Here is another outfit with the pale yellow necklace.  The top is kind of a dark periwinkle blue, which was one of my favorite crayons growing up.  The white jeans are stretch and are soo comfy.   I forgot to get the brand, but I got them at TJ Maxx.
The shoes came from Rue 21.  The heel is pretty tall but still manageable.  

I like the blue and yellow together and felt comfortable in the color.  A very strange phenomenon, but some days I just feel a certain color.  I can wear a shirt one day and LOVE it, then try it on the next time and not feel it at all.  Try it on again later and LOVE it again.  I know I am weird but does anyone else do that?  hmm.

I pick up bits and pieces of inspiration for outfits as I am scouring the web.  This one I came across and it stuck in my head.  I used it with my new necklaces.   I love the white and stripes.   :)

So here is where I have too many choices.  I love them so much, I bought dark yellow, pale yellow, turquoise, red, blue, grayish purple and black.  The good thing is that my choices are endless.  The bad thing is that my choices are endless.   

 I hate to take too long to get dressed, so I am going to have to make some standby outfits to grab in a pinch, when I don't have time for the 7 necklace dilemma.     
The only good thing is that my hair and makeup take about 5 minutes, so I have time to spend on my clothes.

 I get so much inspiration from the fashion blogs I read.  Sometimes just a quick glance of a photo can make the creative gears start rolling.   Just wear what tickles your fancy because if you are happy in the clothes you wear, your smile will show it!


See what I mean about too many decisions.


  1. Wow, I've never seen that necklace in so many colors!! I think my favorite is the yellow with the periwinkle top and the blue with the striped top!

    Maybe you need someone to take one or two of those necklaces off your hands... not that I'm offering or anything. ;)

  2. Haha. Thanks Linda! They are sooo awesome! I found them on Ebay really cheap and could not resist. I will be experimenting so much with them soon. :) I will keep your offer in mind, if I happen to not like one. :)

  3. Can you share which seller you bought them from on eBay by chance? Adorable with the striped shirt!

    1. Sure! They took a few more days than I thought to get them. I didn't realize they were coming straight from China. They are only $14.50 each, with shipping included. The seller is Loveshop80. I was very surprised with the quality. I have gotten many compliments on them. :)


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