Oven to grill RIBS!

Ribs are good, no doubt about it.  But, there is pretty much no way around it, ribs need to be cooked low and slow to get them to fall off the bone and into your mouth.  This is hard for me because I am what you would call a "speedy" cooker.  I like to cook things fast because Dang it, I am hungry.  I can whip up a meal and have it ready to eat in 10 minutes. 

So Sunday, being my day off, is the time I like to cook ribs.  That way they can cook all afternoon and be ready at suppertime.  I have found a way to cook them in the oven, then transfer them to the grill, just to get that grilling touch that they need.

I used a long rack of bone in pork ribs and cut the rack in half to make it easier to work with.  The night before, I generously coated the ribs with the 2 powder seasonings below, Southern Pride (Thanks to Bill for bringing me this yummy spice) and Strawberry's and wrapped them tightly in foil and put them back in the fridge.   I guess it would be an overnight powder marinade.  

For this recipe, the ribs will take 3 hours in the oven and about 20 minutes on the grill, so plan your day accordingly.   Set the oven to 250 degrees, place the foil wrapped rib packets on cookie sheet and get them in the oven already, I am hungry!  

After the ribs have cooked for an hour and a half, remove them from the oven, open the packet, and drain most of the juice from the foil.  At this time, for a little smokiness, you can sprinkle some mesquite liquid smoke onto the ribs.  Seal them back up and return them to the oven.

When the 3 hours is almost done, light your gas grill and get it nice and hot.  Open the rib foil packets and slather on some of the J. Earps Original Sweet Heat sauce.  I know Mr. Earp and it is too cool that he got his sauce bottled!  It is a great sauce, nice and spicy.  If you wanna try it, go to earpsbbqsauce.com.  I used some Sweet Baby Ray's because it is the bomb too.  Then sprinkled just a little of each of the powder seasonings on top of that.

Leave 2 burners on high and turn the burners off that are directly under the ribs.  They need the tops to get nice and caramelized, but not the bottoms.  Place them on the grill with the packets left open for about 20 minutes, like this...

The end result will look like this.

Cut them up and serve them immediately!  
If you have any dogs, they will be very happy, most dogs love rib bones.  :)
Love what you eat and eat what you love!  :)


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