The accidental shirt. :)

It is the day before 4th of July!  Yee Haw!  The only problem is that the 4th is on a Wednesday this year.   Boo.  It is hard to plan anything when you get one day off.  Saturday or Monday would have been awesome!  I would have gotten 2 days off in a row, which unfortunately happens very seldom for me.   Oh well, I am gonna take the Wednesday off and make it wonderful!  

For a quick fashion post, here is an outfit I wore recently and the story behind the shirt.

First off, I would never intentionally bleach a shirt that I loved, but I got this shirt at a yard sale and it was a beautiful heather gray.  

I washed a load of whites, and was devastated when I saw my lovely ex-gray shirt at the bottom of the washer.  

After some AHHHHs!  and Oh Nooos!, I realized it really had turned a pretty color after the bleaching.  

I tried it on, and it looked good with one of my new bubble necklaces.  Disaster averted.  Outfit saved.  Lesson learned...double check the whites.  :)



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