Kabomb Kabobs!

I was looking for an easy Sunday grilling item this weekend and thought of KABOBS!  I am so glad did because they were the KABOMB!  It was easy to make them for me and my husband both because his included steak, which he loves, and mine had more mushrooms and zucchini instead of steak.  I like to eat alot of veggies, but I also had shrimp on mine since I have grown to love shrimp.  Here is a pic of them smokin' on the grill!

The good thing about kabobs is you can pretty much put whatever you want on them.  Everything on mine cooked about the same amount of time, except for the baby potatoes, so I cooked the potatoes in the microwave for about 3-4 minutes beforehand.  You don't want to completely cook them, just get them a little over half done.  If you cook them too much, they will fall to pieces when you try to put them on the skewer. 

I also soak my skewers in water for about 30 minutes so that they don't tend to burn as easily.  This isn't a must, but just something I heard about a long time ago, and I don't want burned sticks!   

After you have soaked them, just load them up with whatever your heart desires.  You can make them all meat, all veggie, even throw some pineapple or grapes in there if you are feeling like tickling your taste buds.  After the skewering, generously sprinkle them with Cavendar's Greek Seasoning.  This is my staple seasoning because it is just plain wonderful!  I also splashed a little soy sauce on mine because I LOVE soy sauce too!

The colors are just amazing on these veggies.  Yum to the tum.
Grill them for about 5-10 minutes per side, depending on your heat.  I didn't time them, so just keep an eye on them.  I like my veggies pretty crisp, so I take mine off early. 

Alrighty!...They are done!  Let's eat!

Love what you eat and eat what you love!  :)


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