Still loving my new necklaces. :)

I just can't seem to get away from wearing my new necklaces.  I love the way they dress up an outfit and add so much color.  I have been playing with alot of options, some good...some not so good.   I am posting a couple of ways that I wore them recently.  Both were just to run to the store, but when it is so hot outside, I don't dress up very often.   I am usually in and out of the pool, with pool hair and a swimsuit under a t-shirt and shorts.

I LOVE summer, but I wouldn't mind if it were 90 degrees instead of 99 most of the time.  The humidity has been awful here this year too.  Don't get me wrong, I will take 100 degrees over ZERO degrees any day, so winter, STAY AWAY!  

I have seen alot of navy and yellow lately and a TON of stripes.  So I was really liking this together.  Jeans would probably be cuter, but is was 100 degrees.   :)

Shirt : Goodwill
Necklace : eBay
Tank top : Aero
Shorts : Old Navy
Belt : Walmart men's dept
Watch : Fossil tortoise

This is my BLUE shirt and necklace together.  Wasn't sure, but loved the monotone after I tried it on.  

Shirt : Aero 
Tank : Rue 21
Necklace : eBay
Shorts : Hydraulic (old)
Watch : Fossil
Belt : Walmart men's dept.

Above all, wear what you feel comfortable in.  If you are confident in what you are wearing, it will shine through!   :)


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