Stretchy pants and more of me in the same pose.

While posting on my blog, I have realized a couple of  things.

First thing is that while I am standing in
front of my camera with the
timer on, I do a very similar pose almost 
every time.

There is something about waiting
on that beep beep beep beep...
I can try to be spontaneous, but it gets me
every time.

I just throw my hand on my hip, stand up
straight and smile.  :)

Well, I am just here to show you the outfits anyway, so just think of me as a mannequin until
I learn to be a model.  

Another thing I have realized is
that over the last few years, I have become 
a stretchy pant lover.

Whether it be jeggings like these from Maurices...

or stretchy the black ones...

or super thick tights like these...

You can't beat the comfort.  It is like having your comfy lounging pants on that you would
wear around the house, but you can
wear them out!

I hope your inner fashionista gets inspired by
 my outfits!  
Mine had fun playing in my closet and putting
them together.  She just
left me a big ole mess when 
she got done.   :)


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