You don't have to use oil OR butter!

My motto about FOOD...

I like it, I love it, I want some more of it.

That being said, I have found many ways to cut calories here and there, to allow me to eat more of what I love.

One of my most important substitutes is chicken/beef bullion cubes.
If you are going to saute vegetables, you typically use butter or oil.  Either one will add several hundred calories very quickly.  Just a couple of tablespoons, and you just made that broccoli or cabbage have 300 plus calories when it could have had just 125 calories.

I keep a jar of each, chicken and beef bullion base in my cabinet.  Just scoop a little out, add some water, and BAM! you have instant broth.  I add this broth to a nonstick pan and saute just about any veggie you can think of.   I made the purple cabbage below with just that method.   A little garlic powder and some red pepper flakes really made it POP!

The wonderful thing about vegetables is that they are very low calorie and excellent sources of vitamins!   I like some better than others, for example, hominy, this is one veggie that has nothing to fear from me because I don't like hominy at all.   There are plenty others out there, so if there is one that you find you don't like, don't buy him anymore.  :)

Next time, I will get into more of my substitutes but for now, get out there and start cooking without all the fatty added!

Eat what you love and love what you eat!   :)


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