Cream and white fashion inspiration.

I just love finding an inspiration outfit that really reaches out and grabs me.
That is what happened when I saw this 
cream and white outfit with the brown belt. 

 I loved it, instantly.   

I knew I had similar pieces, and I didn't care that it was the middle of winter. 
 I will wear white anytime.  

I don't care about the whole crapola that you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day.  I think white looks awesome in the winter.

I had a couple of ways that I put this outfit together.  

The first involves one of my bubble necklaces and a cute turtleneck with skinny white jeans.  I thought it went great together.

And here it is with a white pea coat.  This particular coat, 
I have never worn and have had for at least 15 years, but a pea coat will never go out of style.
 I knew I would wear it someday.  

The outfit I ended up wearing had a cowl neck. 
 I really had trouble deciding which I liked best, but I ended up wearing the cowl neck. 
 I was just feeling it more at the moment for some reason.

The only bad thing about white is that it is so easy to get dirty.  I was able to not get any major stains, although I did manage to spill a tiny bit of coffee on my pants.  It will come out in the wash.  

Wear it, style it, make it yours!  :)


  1. You're right about pea coats; they are always in style. You look great as always! :)

  2. Great outfit! Love the neutral colors paired together.


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