Embracing the nerd in me.

In high school...I was a super nerd.

To prove my point...
I was voted Most Intellectual.
Tell me that is not a super nerd!
That means that my peers knew
that I was a nerd and voted me 
to be the best nerd.

I actually think it was good for
me though.  It let me
grow up as a non glamorous teen and
not feel pressured to 
be pretty because I knew I 
was not.  

Now that I am older...
I try to find my style and sometimes, I fall back into my nerdiness and
lose my way.

But today, I was shooting for the 
preppy in me.  Thanks to Pinterest and
so many other fashion websites, I can finally put things together and
feel comfortable that I made them work.

One of my favorite dot coms is the Pleated Poppy.

She has a weekly linkup on Wednesday and it has an abundance of fashion ideas from 300+ fashionistas.
You have to check it out!

I will be linking this post to the Pleated Poppy because I hope that someone, somewhere might draw inspiration from me playing in my closet.

I actually tried this look several ways.  First of all, this Polo puffy vest is reversible.  How convenient!

The only problem was that I could not figure out which way I liked it best.   
I liked them both.  :/

And here was the green.  I liked it too.

One benefit of a past/present nerd is that you have a little smarts.  The name brand vests were both bought at the Goodwill for $4.99.  The shirt is Hollister and was bought on Ebay.  The jeans came from a yard sale for the sum of $3.00.  Yay for bargains!

So embrace your nerdiness and know that it only means you are special and maybe a little smarter than the next guy.   :)


  1. I love the different looks and the great buys! :-)

    Visiting from pret-a-vivre.com


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