Today was Sunday.  It was also a digging in my closet and getting rid of some stuff day.  
I will be the first to admit that I am a clothes hoarder.
I have too many clothes, but they all fit and I like them.  So until my house explodes and clothes fall out all over the lawn,
I will continue to love everything in my closet.
The good thing is that I am a thrifty buyer.
At least 75% of my clothes came from yard sales
or the Goodwill store.  

The following outfit just jumped out at me.  I had forgotten 
about the grey Guess jeans that I had bought from my niece.  
I ran across them while organizing a bit.  

I just got this scarf at Fred's for 5 bucks.  I looove it!  
The infinity scarf is my favorite and this one was the bomb.

The boots are a splurge.  I got them last year online.  They are Madden Girl with the red zipper in the back.  Great boots!

I also tried out a tshirt scarf that I made.  I bought a 3XL tshirt and cut the bottom off.  The results are in this photo.

I actually didn't even have to sew it.  
The edge curled and made it not even noticeable.  

I was wanting a heather gray infinity scarf and this one worked out, and the shirt actually cost $6, so it wasn't too bad.

Git your boots and scarves out GALS!  It is gettin' cold out there!  :)


  1. LOVE the fringe scarf! You're too funny - keep hoarding until the clothes fall out on the lawn - if that happens it means new organization instead of getting rid of clothes!! I LOVE thrifting for clothes - you can adapt the clothes to the current styles while NOT looking like a mall mannequin!

    1. Thanks! I try to weed out a few items here and there, but it is tough. I totally agree that thrifting style is one of a kind and love it! :)

  2. Blog hopping - great outfits and love the scarves!

    1. I hopped over to your blog! Love the crystal necklace you have on with the striped dress. I agree with the solo picture taking. I tend to have the exact same smile and expression in every pic I take with my tripod. :)

  3. Great idea! I love the idea of making your own scarf, and I'd imagine it's crazy soft! I ran across your blog via the Pleated Poppy and will be following along :)

    Secondhand Magpie

    1. Thanks Britt! I will be checking out your blog as well! :)


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