Food fixins and a party outfit to finish.

Greetings everyone!  It is ALMOST Christmas!  


I am really not ready, but it will be okay.  :)

I have been so busy lately, I haven't posted alot.  I thought I would throw some of my last food pictures out there and give them a quick explanation.

First, we have some purple potatoes that I got at Kroger.  I think they are just too cute.  I roasted them at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes.  I used a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and Greek seasoning.

They had almost a creamy center when you ate one.  The skin is a little tougher than a red potato, but overall they are yummy!

This is the before cooking photo... 

This is the after cooking photo...

I wish I had taken an inside photo...they are super purple inside.  :)

With the potatoes, I served charcoal smoked pork tenderloin.  I marinated them in soy sauce all day.  To grill them, I just get the coals going and put the tenderloins on the grill.  I turn them about every 10 minutes and make sure they are done with my meat thermometer.  They take about 45 minutes.   

Pork tenderloin is actually a pretty healthy meat.  It ranks right up there with chicken.  After's the other white meat.  And not to mention...yum!

Next is a salmon and sauteed green beans that I threw together because I was craving some grilled salmon.  It is after favorite!

Last in the food category, we have roasted spaghetti squash, topped with sauteed mushrooms.  I sauteed the mushrooms with a bit of soy and some fresh rosemary and Greek seasoning.
I topped it all with Asiago cheese and broiled it until the cheese was bubbly. 

Love love loved it!

Finally, we have an outfit.  We went out for a Christmas party.  A much needed night out.  I have been completely overwhelmed lately.  It was a great time!  

Until next time...

Love what you eat and eat what you love!  :)


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