The new black jacket.

So I got a new black leather jacket from the new store in our tiny little town.  Suzy's Suitcase.  Great boutique with a nice selection of pieces to complete any outfit!  

I love this jacket!  It has a knit hood that I was undecided about, but after wearing it, I really like the hood.  It is the perfect fit.  I tried it with some skinny black jeans and brown boots.  I liked all the looks that I tried.  

I have seen the black pants with brown boots alot on Pinterest and I think it is soo effortlessly awesome.  I would have never put brown and black together, but it just works!

Hope these looks inspire you to great fashion!  I am by no means a fashion diva.  I install wiper blades like a champ, but I like to think I could be a diva princess in my next life, so I am preparing to be pampered and prissy and not have to work!  :)


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