One gal, 2 outfits. :)

I always loved the crayon color periwinkle when I was growing up.  It was one of those colors that just stood out to me for some reason.  I never had much luck wearing it, but I found this shirt and it didn't seem to be a bad color on me. 

I have to admit...I have been out of the outfit picture taking mood for a day or two.  Somtimes, I will try on clothes for hours, then not do it again for a few weeks.  This has been my lazy period.  I have alot of pics to look through though, and I hope to inspire and get inspiration from others.  I am linking up with the Pleated Poppy.  She has a What I Wore Wednesday post every Wednesday, and it has really brought alot of inspiration to my attire.  Therefore, I am posting a pic today, just to get out of my lazy streak!   :)

I thought the red with the black and white stripes and tights was a snappy combination.  This dress/shirt is just barely long enough for tights, but these tights are super thick and lined, so I was good to go. 


  1. I loved both of your outfits. But my favorite is the striped dress...Super cute.

    1. Thank April! It was comfy too! I always love that! :)


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