Sometimes, you just gotta eat cake.

I am a self-admitted foodie, food lover, foodaholic, whatever you want to call it...I think about food a LOT.  But I am pretty conscious of my health and weight.  So, I tend to deconstruct a lot of foods and make them as healthy as possible, all while retaining lots of flavor. 

That being said, it is still hard to do when it comes to chocolate cake.  My main weakness would probably be portion control.  If there is a whole cake in front of me, I want the whole cake.  Therefore, I often make personalized foods, so I can eat the whole thing.

I stumbled upon an easy way to make a personal chocolate cake and have it to still be super delish!
I am terrible about measuring, basically, I don't measure, so my ingredients may require tweaking.

You will need to preheat your oven to 350 degrees.  
Spray a ramekin(or any small oven-proof dish) with nonstick spray.  In a bowl, mix about a half cup of your fave chocolate cake mix, one egg white, and about a teaspoon of oil.  Stir well (the mixture should be pretty thick) and pour into the ramekin.  Bake approximately 12-15 minutes, check at 12, but it may take a bit more.  

One of my favorite toppings for this is melted dark chocolate.  I take a handful of semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips and add just a touch of water in a microwave safe small bowl.  Microwave for about 20 seconds, then stir, add a touch more water if it seems really thick...and microwave for another 15 seconds.  It should be nice and smooth and ready to pour over your yummy baked personal cake.  I tend to use a lot of dark chocolate because it is supposedly better for you. 

I also sometimes use marshmallow creme.  You can melt it slightly in the microwave and pour it over the cake too, for not alot of calories.  

You can use various berries to top your cake, just depends on your mood and how many calories you can spare.  On this particular cake, I did use all 3, and it was sooo yummy.
Enjoy.   :)


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