Remake for What I Wore Wednesday! :)

I look everywhere to get fashion ideas.  It helps when I see an outfit that really just looks like "me".  It is hard to visualize sometimes, but this one had my name written all over it.  I loved the colors and had never thought of putting them together.

Here is the look I wanted to attempt.  First of all, the model is very pretty, which always helps make an outfit look even better.  Everything just looked great about the whole thing.  The only thing I wanted to change was the light colored boots.  I have some similar, but I just can't seem to pull them off.  So, once again, I went for the darker boots.  I really liked them with this look though.

Okay, so here is my look.  I of course am using a tripod and have no modeling skills whatsoever.  I cannot seem to break away from the "cheese" that I do every single time.  Anyway, aside from that, the look to me is similar, and one that I will definitely wear.  I do wish I would have rolled up my sleeves like the other photo and put on some bracelets, but I sometimes get in a hurry.  I like the contrast that rolling the sleeves with the shirt underneath gives an outfit.  Soooo give me some feedback if you wish, positive or negative.  I think we all have looked back over a photo and said..."Why didn't someone tell me not to wear that?!".  Hah!  Personally, I know I have.  :)


  1. I think this looks great on you! I like the darker boots, but I bet you could work the lighter ones just as well. Newly following you, come see me sometime! Orangies Attic

  2. I love the look! Great way to work the inspiration to suit you.


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