The little lobster that could.

What a BEAUTIFUL March weekend we just had!  The weather had me in such a cooking/grilling mood.  Sometimes I just really get excited about cooking.  This was one of those weekends!  

Recently, my husband has taken a liking to lobster.  I think it is okay but really prefer shrimp myself.   He has been wanting me to cook a lobster, and I have been avoiding it.  Since I was in such a cooking mood, I thought now was the time.

The only kind of lobster that I could find was already cooked, so it actually only took a few minutes to broil it in the oven.  The bad part was cleaning it.  I am all about some fish, I love salmon which is fishy, but this little guy was a stinker.   I didn't know they actually had such a strong odor.  Whew!

I looked up online how to cut the shell and pull the lobster out a little to make a nice presentation.  A little butter and parsley, and it was good to go.  It was a small lobster, but it looked good with the filet mignon that I wrapped in bacon and grilled to medium.
For the mashed potatoes, I also tried something new.  I saw on a cooking show that you could use chicken broth in potatoes instead of a lot of cream and butter.  I used broth, a little butter, and some new roasted garlic powder that I just bought.  They were awesome and didn't have all that added fat from the cream.  

Eat what you love, love what you eat!    :)


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