Random outfits on a rainy day.

 Well, it looks to be a long rainy day here, so I looked through some pics and decided to post a couple of randoms.  In case anyone was having a bad day and not knowing what to wear.  

I love love love spring but with the temperature ups and downs, it can make picking an outfit an even bigger challenge than it already is.  It is a little cooler here today with the rain, so either of these outfits would fit for the weather at hand.

This one with the jeans is a little more casual.  I wore it shopping one day recently.  Super comfortable and perfect for shopping with the flat boots.

If you are like me, all it takes is an inspirational photo to get those creative juices flowing.  I can see an outfit and start putting it together in my head with what I may have in my closet.   

The black and white is still comfortable, but a little more towards the dressy side.  The boots have a heel, so I wouldn't want to shop all day in them.  

The tights are lined and really thick, so this outfit is almost past its season.  It will soon be outta here until fall rolls around.

This striped dress was long sleeve, so I could have even worn it without the sweater.  It is pretty short though, and even though the tights are almost like pants, I felt more comfortable with the sweater on.   

Well, I hope that you acquire some inspiration from these outfits.  

Even if it is just one item that sparks your imagination, that is all it takes to make an outfit come to life!    If you have any questions, feel free to comment!  :)


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